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Quotes From: The Healthy Lifestyle Alliance To: Landmark Development Training Co. Attn: Mike Minnis The Healthy Lifestyle Alliance is dedicated to promoting health through the eating of healthy foods and the avoidance of unhealthy foods especially in underserved communities. Your urban farming program brings children in contact with vegetables through participation in the actual growing process. Research has shown that children who grow vegetables are more likely to eat two or more servings a day versus those who are not involved in gardening. Your training program is able to influence young people in various parts of the city and county, such as Northaven and South Memphis Commons, as well as in Orange Mound. We certainly support this good effort and will continue to encourage others who have similar visions to connect with you. Sincerely, Samuel Ballard Facilitator Quotes
Samuel Ballard
Facilitator, The Healthy Lifestyle Alliance

Quotes To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to you regarding Landmark Training and Mike Minnis. Our school visited the garden area. There were 30 students present. Mr. Minnis discussed the planting process from beginning to end with our group. Each student was able to plant seeds and will be able to return in December to observe the growth. Mr. Minnis? presentation went well with the students? Curriculum and was enjoyed by all present! This experience helped our students to know more about the community Mr. Minnis serves and the many services offered by Landmark. I would recommend this experience to any school! Sincerely, Carol Hughey\ Christ the Rock Christian Academy Principal 901-751-7122 Quotes
Carol Hughey
Principal at Christ The Rock Christian Academy